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Founded in 2014, Y Capital has offices in London and Guangzhou. Y Capital leverages our industry experience and resources to manage and provide advice on investing in the London real estate market to high net-worth families from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with a wrap-around service, managing a share of their assets. 
Besides continually monitoring the market for the families, we act as an investment manager in the acquisition of both office blocks and residential space. We can structure family trusts for tax efficiency and design hedges and insurance products, limiting losses in the case of given eventualities. The succession planning, our offer includes training family members. We aim to preserve families’ net worth through diversifying into a market displaying little or negative correlation with the price movements of their other assets.

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Investment Philosophy

Y Capital is committed to long-term value investing by actively hunting for real estate assets that are priced at a significant discount to their intrinsic value, which are underpinned by our robust modelling, independent analysis and judgment. The judgment is drawn from our in-depth market knowledge, family connections and our specialist understanding of the bricks and mortars which are for the City and for the people that will work in.

Real estate investment is all about risk and opportunity. Our historical investment successes come from diligent and comprehensive study on examining the downside of a deal while the upside tends to take care of itself. when it comes to our investment committee discussions. What if this happens are most commonly cited words in the past. That is to say – saying “no’’ is more important than saying “yes”. Preempting the downside risks are the core value of our overall investment philosophy.

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Y Capital

85 Great Portland St, 1st Floor, London, W1W 7LT

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